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Since 1980

Elijah M. James Consulting (EMJC) is a management, economic, and business consulting firm providing a wide variety of consulting services to all kinds of businesses and organizations. Established in 1980, the firm has extensive experience and has developed considerable expertise in providing assistance to small, medium-side, and large business enterprises, as well as not-for-profit organizations.

In over 40 years of continuous successful engagements, our practice has grown considerably in terms of numbers and varieties of clients, and also in terms of our service offerings. EMJC has established a fine reputation for honesty and excellent performance on major assignments, and for providing individual attention to the needs of clients.

With clients worldwide, EMJC has a track record of success that has earned the patronage of many long-term clients, and the respect of our professional colleagues. We have the capability to conduct a detailed analysis of your organization’s operation and offer realistic and practical solutions to problems.

Mission & Vision

Our Mission

Our mission is to assist small, medium-size, and large organizations in strengthening their positions and achieving their objectives by providing excellent consulting services at a reasonable price. We are fully committed to providing our clients with the best possible counsel. Our full commitment to excellence in service guarantees the complete satisfaction of our clients.

Our Vision

Elijah M. James Consulting (EMJC) will be a consulting firm with international scope, and will be recognized as a premier firm in terms of finding solutions to our clients’ problems. Our clients will consider us as their first choice for business and management consulting services.

Our Approach

Once an assignment has been accepted, we generally do the following:
Assemble a team
for the project.
Collect pertinent information,
using our short Organizational Data Questionnaire
Prepare and present to the client,
a proposed Work Schedule and Work Flow Diagram.
Conduct a comprehensive and constructive
examination of the organizational structure of the company, department, or organization, its plans and policies, its financial controls, its methods of operation, and its use of human and non-human resources, depending on the nature and scope of the assignment. The objective of this audit is to reveal strengths as well as weaknesses, and to indicate possible improvements. This step is taken only if necessary.
Involve management
and staff in the process to the fullest extent possible in order to ensure the success of the project.
Use a team approach
on all assignments in order to arrive at the best possible solution.

We Will Help You Every Step Of The Way

Our Code of Professional Conduct

Our Code of Professional Conduct is predicated on five principles of ethical behavior.


EMJC deals honestly in all aspects of the consultant-client relationship.


The relationship between EMJC and its clients is a matter of confidentiality. We will guard the confidentiality of all client information.


Conflict of Interest
EMJC will not clandestinely accept assignments from competing clients if our efforts with one client can have a negative impact on the success of another client. EMJC will not knowingly place itself in any conflict of interest situation.


Fee Disclosure
EMJC discloses to the client, in advance, all fees associated with an assignment. The method of payment is also settled in advance. Depending on the nature of the assignment, EMJC may require progress payments.


Hiring Client Personnel
EMJC will not hire personnel from its clients. We regard such a practice as unethical.

Our Staff

Elijah (Enoch) M. James

B.A., M.A., Ph.D., D. Aed., C.C., C.P.C.

Dr. James is the President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of EMJC. He has been a distinguished professor of economics, business and research methods, and a prominent management, business, and economic consultant. A prolific writer, he has to his credit the publication of several articles and books in the field of economics, management, and consulting.

Elijah served as a senior faculty member in the economics department at Dawson College. He was a professor in the MBA program at Concordia University in Montreal and has taught at McGill University and also at John Abbott College in Ste. Anne de Bellevue, Quebec.

Lem Martin

Lem is a veteran in the consulting business and is one of our more versatile consultants, having expertise in a variety of areas including accounting, management information systems, and insurance. Lem is in charge of most of our Information Systems assignments, but the firm has often tapped into his vast expertise in other areas as well. His scope is extensive.

Daniel Yeboah

Daniel has several years of experience in business and management. An entrepreneur at heart, he is passionate about small business development. At EMJC, Daniel consults on many different aspects of our operation. He is responsible for most of the IT work performed by the firm. We are fortunate to have Daniel on our team.

Jack Salcede

Jack joined our staff from Guadeloupe and represents our firm in the French-speaking territories of the Caribbean and the Dominican Republic. The company has benefited much from Jack’s marketing skills.

Andrea M. James


Andrea has brought a wealth of experience to Elijah M. James Consulting. In addition to her role in organizational development, she handles much of the legal aspects of our operation.

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